11 Eco Friendly Home Hacks

Quick and easy home hacks to make your new ‘gaff’ more eco-friendly

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11 Eco Friendly Home Hacks

Quick and easy home hacks to make your new ‘gaff’ more eco-friendly.


1 – No Can Do

Reduce chemicals by switching to old school polish like natural wax or oils and wave goodbye to canned, spray on polish.

2 – Touch of Glass

You can do the same with glass and mirror sprays. Shake up a mix of 50/50 white vinegar and water and decant into a reusable spray bottle. You can add your favourite essential oils for heart-of-the-home freshness.


3 – All in One

This handy vinegar/water mix can also be used on limescale such as taps and shower screens, or inside your fridge and microwave. Go easy on the essentials oils if you’re using it in your fridge.


4 – Bit of Lemon

Citric acid is another good alternative to chemical cleaners in the battle to rid your kettle of limescale. For microwaves, place half a lemon and into a dish and half fill with water. Turn on your microwave until it starts to boil, not only will it remove smells, it’ll make yesterday’s stubborn baked in lasagne easy to wipe off.


5 – Get Shirty

Stop buying cleaning cloths, old T-shirts cut into strips, unwanted sweatshirts, even pants can all be used for dusting and cleaning (just make sure you don’t leave old pants lying around when the in-laws arrive).


6 – Bad Smells

Cleaning with half a lemon is a great way to remove unwanted odors from inside appliances. You can also use a lemon to clean the top of your hob and inside your oven. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!


7. Peaker Blinder

Dusting blinds can be a bit of a bind. Take those T-shirt strips, and wrap them around a pair of tongs (BBQ tongs will do). You’ll be able to clamp each individual strip of blind to get each side dust free. If they’re particularly dirty, wet and rinse the material in the vinegar/water mix first, then use dry strips afterwards.


8. Prettier Pan

Stubborn stains or tarnished looking pots and pans? Take those trusty T-shirt strips, dip into ketchup and apply to the tarnished arears. Leave it for 20 minutes and the natural acids will react with the oxides for sparkly new looking pans. Quick wipe to polish and they’ll be good to go.


9. Kinder Kindling

Stop buying bags of kindling for your fire. When you’re cutting back trees or bushes, save the twigs and branches. Bag and store them (at least two years so there are no oils or moisture) and you’ve got your own kindling. If you have friendly neighbours, they might be willing to donate their cuttings too.


10. Fire Starter

You can also create your own firelighters (reducing the incumbent production, packaging and transport dirtying the environment). Take a sharp knife and carefully peel the bark of those tree branches. Cut it into thin strips and tie the strips into knots. Leave to season and dry and you’re good to go.


11. Brassed Off

If you’re replacing handles on kitchen cupboards or main doors switch to brass. Thanks to the copper ions, brass has germ killing powers in what is known as the oligodynamic effect.

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