16 Ways To Add Value When Selling Your Home

Top tips to increase value and attract buyers

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16 Ways To Add Value When Selling Your Home

Top tips to increase value and attract buyers


1 – New Kichen

New kitchens are one of the most common and popular home revamps. In a poll of 2,001 homeowners carried out by the Post Office, Money creating a ‘heart of the home’ accounts for 25% of all major renovations carried out by homeowners. They estimated a new kitchen can add as much as add as much as 26% to the value of your property.


2 – Garden Make Over

The Post Office’s study also found that revamping your garden can increase the value of your property. The beauty of landscaping is, it doesn’t mean major work interrupting family life inside your home. Getting the garden right is particularly good for family homes and can make your property sell faster.


3 – Wet Room

Other renovations which cropped up in their poll were adding a conservatory (10% added value) a new driveway, (9%) and a wet room, (7%).


4 – Extension

Adding an extension is another way to add value. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) that a medium sized extension (approx. 25m²) could add 30% to the value of your home.


5 – Declutter

If you’re looking to speed up your sale, look at your home through the eyes of potential buyers. One simple trick is to declutter. Find a place for everything, clear away as much as possible to ensure your home looks organised. It also helps present the idea of plenty of storage and space for all their possessions to fit in easily.


6 – Decorate

Another sure-fire way to deter potential buyers is tired decoration. Unless they’re buying an investment property, people are often put off by the amount of work that needs doing. Sprucing up tired décor, making sure woodwork isn’t looking scuffed or tired, patching up walls and giving them a lick of paint can also help increase the rate of sale.


7 – EPC

All homes are now rated by an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This gives buyers an indication of how cold your home might be in winter and how much bills could cost. According to OneHome.org, improving the energy efficiency of your home such as adding double glazing or insulation, putting in a new boiler can help attract buyers.


8 – Kerb Appeal

The Times suggests adding that all important kerb appeal. First impressions are important so giving your front of your home a facelift could make a big difference. Adding plants or taking care of a patchy lawn, a new front door, painting the outside of the house, even something as simple as a new modern doorbell or house number can help improve your selling chances and add up to 10% on to the value. Home & Gardens reported that a property with a landscaped garden can sell for up to 5%-12% compared to a neighbouring property, while 67% of people were more inclined to view a house with a well-maintained garden.


9 – Bathroom

Next stop the bathroom. Keeping the existing layout can keep costs down. Go second hand by sourcing unused tiles on local selling pages. Upcycle a freestanding unit, add plants. You could be looking at another 2%-3% increase in value.


10 – Downstairs Toilet

Costing as little as £1,500, a downstairs toilet can be particularly attractive to families and could bring in a 12x return on the spend.


11 – Go Open Plan

The HomeOwner Alliance asked the Federation of Master Builders and estate agents for their top tips and found that creating open plan living can add significant value. Connecting two rooms by knocking down a wall, while costing around £3,500 in labour and materials, could see a 10x return on your investment. The work itself is relatively simple and could be completed in just a week. Always seek professional advice before removing any walls.


12 – Get Planning Permission

Future proofing your property can be attractive to new buyers who could be prepared to pay a premium for a home that can grow with them. Getting the paperwork and permission in place could cost you £400 but add as much as 10% to the property value.


13 – Garage

If you already have off street parking, then getting to grips with your garage and converting it into living space could bring you another 15% according to PropertyPiceAdvice.co.uk. In 2021 the RAC estimated that less than half of the homeowners actually kept their car in their garage.


14 – Loft Conversion to Bedroom

This one will definitely put a dent in your bank balance but it could really pay off adding an estimated 15% to the sale price if your house.


15 – Name It

By far the cheapest and easiest way to add value is to add a name. Surveys have shown that 85% of buyers would prefer a house with a name rather than just a number. Simply adding a name can increase the value by up to £5,000. It costs less than £40 to register a new property name with your local council. But do your research, using words like ‘Cottage’, ‘Willows’, ‘Oak’ can push up the price. ‘Sodem Hall’ will certainly put off buyers.


16 – Set a Budget

Finally, you’re looking to add value and increase the speed of sale, but it needs to make sense financially. Set a budget and stick to it.

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